Start: Prison Camp  End: 7 Falls Trail 29 Jct

Length One Way

Trail JCT7 Falls 7.3 miles

Total to Bear Cyn Road

10.6 miles

Max Elev

5022 ft

Min Elev

2650 ft at Bear Cyn Rd or Sabino

Elev Change

 2372 ft


At Sycamore Reservoir , very little elsewhere.


Jct1 shown on topo map below is only marked by cairns. Jct2 does have a sign for Bear Cyn Trail #29. The trails join at Jct1A. For information on the continuing trail see 7 Falls to Bear Cyn Road or Sabino Visitors Center. Make sure you don't leave the keys to the vehicle left at the other end of the trail in the other car!


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    Santa Catalina Mtns                                           Prison Camp to 7 Falls to Bear Canyon Road